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Welcome to Network180's Procurement System

About Us:

A community leader, Network180 connects individuals and their families to services for mental illness, substance use disorders, or developmental disabilities. Network180 is a member of the Lakeshore Regional Entity PIHP and serves eligible people in Kent County and those in Allegan County who receive substance use disorder services.

Our mission: Inspiring hope, improving mental health, supporting self-determined lives, and encouraging recovery.

Our vision:

  • Promoting community inclusion, combating stigma, and emphasizing prevention.
  • Welcoming, accessible, and responsive services in support of the cultures, traditions, and values of all members or our community.
  • Creating comprehensive, innovative, and effective services in partnership with provider agencies and the people we serve.
  • Being an organization that is valued as a community resource, providing collaborative leadership, and providing compassionate and effective services.
We value:
  • The worth and dignity of all persons.
  • Diversity and cultural competence - respect and appreciation for the ideas, customs, ethnicity, and tradtions of all members of the community.
  • Innovative and responsive services that encourage people to reach their potential.
  • Upholding the public trust with integrity and accountability.
Request for Information on Support and Service Coordination


Network180 invites you to talk with us about Procurement for Supports Coordination services.


Meeting Date:             Friday, March 2, 2018

Time:                           9:30am – 10:30am

Location:                     Network180

3310 Eagle Park Drive NE
Suite 100
Grand Rapids, MI 49525



This meeting is to gather ideas from the community on the following topics:

1.      Meeting Conflict Free Case Management requirements as described in the Home and Community Based Service Rules and the  
   Medicaid Provider Manual Bulletin (MSA 17-42).

2.      Payment models for Supports Coordination.

3.      Supports Coordination service models that will create efficiencies, savings, and increased quality of care.

4.      Performance Indicators.


The Request for Information (RFI) document includes descriptions of the requirements that Network180 is seeking feedback on and is available at under "Procurement." Please RSVP for the meeting and/or submit questions to


Current Procurement Opportunities

Network180 Seeking Accredited Providers of Children’s Services
Network180 is accepting applications for certain children’s services with the goals of increasing capacity of services and choice for families.
·         Residential services for children who are under 18 years of age and require a secure, structured, out-of-home setting in support of their primary mental health treatment and/or intellectual/development disability services.
·         Out-of-home respite opportunities for children under 18 years of age with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.
Interested providers should contact Frank Florido at or Dana Lubner at

Network180 Seeking Accredited Providers of Community Living Supports Services
Network180 is accepting applications for Community Living Supports services with the goals of increasing capacity of services and choice for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in the community.
·         Community Living Supports services for individuals who are over 18 years in a setting that enhances growth and maximum independence.
·         Provide a services in an integrated community setting that supports individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.
·         This setting would be one that the individual with the legal representative sign their leases of the home of their choice.
·         The setting would also offer selections of roommates to the individuals who reside in this home
·         Self-Determination and the Principles of Self-Determination are to be honored on the individual’s behalf which includes Freedom;
          Authority; Support and Responsibility.
Interested providers should contact Jill Halevan at

Network180 Seeking Accredited Providers of Supported Employment Services
Network180 is accepting applications for Supported Employment services with the goals of increasing capacity of services and choice for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities for employment in the community.

·         Supported Employment services for individuals who are 18 years old or older and are integrating into the community with at least minimum
          wage employment.
·         Provide job development, job coaching and follow along services until the individual can work successfully without any assistance.
Interested providers should contact Jill Halevan at

Instructions on how to sign into the Network180 procurement system:

Step 1) Make sure to click on the signup button at the bottom of the page.

Step 2) Once you complete the signup process, you'll get an email to confirm your registration. Make sure to check your spam box just in case! Please add us to your safe sender list so that you can continue to receive messages from us.

Step 3) Upload all application material on the site as per the instructions you'll see when you log in.

Note: If you encounter any problems with tasks that may require you to upload multiple documents or photos, you may need to do one of the following options:
  1. Merge multiple PDF documents into one PDF document, or cut and paste multiple photos into one single Word document, and then upload that document.
  2. Make a zip file of the documents or photos and upload the zip file.
  3. If you are unable to upload multiple documents or photos using option (1) or (2), you can email your documents or photos to  Include your specific application information with the email.  All documents must be submitted before the deadline.


If you have any questions about the application process, please contact:

Stacey O'Toole
Contract Administrator

If you have any technical questions about how to use the site, please contact the Network180 HelpDesk at


FluidReview Support at
Please mention in your email to help them better assist you.